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Our strategy

Avoiding the trial is better than winning it

Professionalism and expertise by your side


Our experience has taught us that rather than consequence of conscious choices, in many cases a trial is the outcome of other factors, as negligence or underestimation of certain obligations or risks.

In these cases, a serious, comprehensive and interdisciplinary preventive counselling, concrete and free of conflicts of interest, proper risk analysis and assessment, and appropriate training can avoid the trial, with far less expense, energy and collateral damage than a trial will often entail.

The trial, a complex game

Thinking about the trial, the first ideas that come to mind are conviction and acquittal.

In reality, the trial turns out to be a complex scenario where freedom, reputations, family relationships, honor and future of a person, a professional or a company are at stake.

Your advocate's role is to assist you in choosing the best trial strategy and identifying the best possible outcome.

The criminal risks within your business, can be effectively countered through a competent and practical approach and with the decisive input of the person involved, who knows how best to act on his or her business since he or she creates and practices it on a daily basis.

Through our network of supporting law firms, and with the support of technologies now in widespread use, we are able to provide you with the advice or assistance you need in a timely manner, even on site or remotely.

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