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Galia Andreeva

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Adv. Andreeva has obtained two degrees in law, respectively in Sofia, Bulgaria and in Hanover, Germany.


She began her professional career at a German law firm with offices in Hamburg, Sofia, and Milan. With over fifteen years of professional experience, she has assisted international clients in cross-border cases related to Bulgarian, Italian, and German jurisdictions, both in corporate and commercial law and in criminal law.


Additionally, she collaborates with British law firms and provides expert witness reports for the English and the Scottish court on various issues related to personal injury cases and local standards.

Adv. Andreeva is a member of the Sofia Bar Association and registered as a lawyer (avvocato stabilito) in Milan. She holds a degree in German law and maintains close professional contacts with Germany by attending various continuing education courses in German law and working on cross-border cases. She works with lawyer Raffaele Bergaglio, supporting him particularly in the management of foreign clients.

In addition, Adv. Andreeva offers legal consulting services and represents Italian and German companies and individuals who wish to invest in Bulgaria or already have their activity there, and require legal advice or process representation in the country. 

Languages: Italian, German, English, Russian, Bulgarian

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